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We have made everything convenient and easy for home and business owners who would like to benefit from a solar panel installation

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Solar Panel Installation

We have made everything convenient and easy for home and business owners who would like to benefit from a solar panel installation. As we’ve mentioned, the benefits of a solar panel installation outweigh its cost. For one, you get to save more on your electric bills, you avoid being dependent on fossil fuels, and you turn your household into an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home.

Take advantage of the Federal and state rebates now and get a solar panel installed by following these steps:

  • Contact us through our website or email. We'll then let you fill out a form with your information on it. Your information will be kept private.
  • Once you’ve submitted your form, we’ll contact you to determine whether you and your home meet the requirements to have a solar panel installed. We will require homeownership and utility information before we can even proceed with the installation.
  • Upon qualifying for installation – we'll send an agent your way to discuss further details.
  • From there, our agent will further analyze your household to determine which type of solar panel works best for you.
  • Once the inspection is done – our agent will provide you with the plan solely based on what they have determined on their inspection. If you like what you see, all we need is your signature, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • We take care of the installation process, and once that’s done, the rest is up to your utility company to come and swap your meters, and with a flip of a switch, you’re now saving energy!
  • See how easy the process is? If you still have questions or doubts, please feel free to call us, and we'll try and help you as much as possible.

Solar Panel Service and Maintenance

For all your solar panel servicing and maintenance needs, no company is better equipped to do it than us, Sunset Solar and Electric.

We have been dealing with solar panel systems for a good amount of years now, which means we know the ins and outs of it. Not only do we specialize in the installation, but we also provide servicing and maintenance services.

Our technicians are all highly experienced and skilled, which means they can do most, if not, all maintenance jobs for you. Here are some of the maintenance services that we can provide:

  • System Repair : Your system may be malfunctioning due to a broken component. No matter what the issue is, our technicians are qualified to diagnose and fix the problem in no time.
  • Solar Roof Leak : Having a solar panel on your roof means roofers can’t easily touch your roof. And if you have a leak, that might be a problem. If unsure whether the leak is coming from, our technicians can accurately determine whether the leak is indeed coming from your solar or not. From there, you can either get your preferred roofer, or we can do the fix ourselves.
  • Panel Washing : When your solar panel has been operating for a long time, smoke, dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc., will build over time. Those things can impede the production rate of your solar panel, which increases your electric bills. By giving the panels a good cleaning, you'll be able to continue saving throughout the lifetime of your panel.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring : If you don't know much about solar panels, it can be quite hard to determine how much it is producing, or if it's even functioning properly. We offer to monitor and service plans to keep your solar panel system producing efficiently.

Solar energy is the future.

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