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New Roofs Can Save You Energy

You might be thinking, how does my roof affect my energy consumption? One reason is that your roof may be inefficient in keeping the heat or cold out, which then prompts you to use more electricity in running your HVAC system, which can hit your wallet hard.

Other than that, how exactly does a new roof help you save energy?
  • Ventilation : A new roof that's properly installed can drastically improve your household's ventilation. This means it traps less heat during the summer and forces the cold out during the winter – thus, your HVAC system doesn't need to work harder, saving you energy.
  • Solar Reflectance : Solar reflectance is how well your roof reflects sunlight back to the environment. A new roof with high solar reflectance traps less heat from the sunlight, reducing the surface temperature by a staggering 30%
  • Roof Color : The color of your roof must be in line with the climate of your location. If you're constantly experiencing cold climates, a darker roof allows your roof to absorb and retain more heat. And if you're living in a predominantly warm climate, a light-colored roof would enable it to effectively reflect the sun's rays.
  • If you're interested in getting a new energy-efficient roof, don't hesitate to call us. We'll get the project done efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Inspection Or Roof Repair

In order to fully assess the condition of your roof, you need a professional roof inspection. This is imperative for you to know whether your roof is in need of repairs or straight up need to be replaced. Getting your roof inspected and repaired can save you a huge headache sometime in the future.

If you want to get your roof inspected and repaired, you need to get the most trusted company in the industry – Sunset Solar and Electric. We conduct roof inspections and repairs in Los Angeles and other neighboring areas, and we have been doing so for a considerable amount of years now.

We have conducted thousands of roof inspections, repairs, and installations over the years. If you have any problems, we’ll find it and resolve it for you, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. From your gutters, shingles, down to your drains, we provide the best roofing solutions out of any service providers out there!

Solar energy is the future.

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