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Upgrade Your Electric Panel

The electric panel is responsible for regulating the electricity of your home. In the event where too much electricity is demanded on a circuit – it causes the circuit breaker inside the electric panel to trip, which prevents the wiring from being overloaded.

Overloaded wiring can and will cause a fire. It’s the job of your electric panel to avoid any of that from happening by regulating how much electricity passes through the system, keeping you and your family safe.

But as time passes by and the more wear and tear your electric panel goes through – your electric panel gets slow and will have a hard time coping with the demands of your system, especially since we’re in the digital age where most households have more gadgets than ever.

If you notice that your lights are flickering or your appliances aren’t functioning properly due to others being plugged in, then you might have yourself a faulty electric panel. Before the unthinkable happens, call us, and we’ll immediately send an electrician your way to diagnose and help you get rid of the problem. We can do electric panel upgrades or replacements just in a single day. You can rely on our skilled and highly experienced electricians to do their job efficiently and quickly.

Home Electric to Get the House Green

Are you looking to get rid of your dependence on fossil fuel and get your household to go green? Look no further as we can provide electrical services that would enable you to do so – allowing you to not only go green but be more efficient with your energy usage.

One of the best ways to go green is to use our solar panels. It allows you to generate clean energy coming from the sun, convert it into electricity, and store it inside battery storage if you have one. We provide solar panel installations, as well as electric services to get your system up and running.

Also, one of the reasons why a household consumes double the energy compared to others is because of faulty, bad, or outdated wiring. This is very common when it comes to old houses. In order for your house to be energy efficient, you need to get your wirings sorted out. One company that’s capable of doing it properly is us – Sunset Solar and Electric. Call us now, and we’ll help turn you achieve a green household.

Solar energy is the future.

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